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    Austin Armstrong Joins Sentry Residential in Northern Colorado

    Loveland, March 2021 

    REALTOR? Austin Armstrong has joined Sentry Residential Northern Colorado working with REALTOR? Nanci Garnand who has been in the real estate business since 1995. Austin loves helping people and serving them with whatever he does. He grew up in Northern Colorado and calls this place his home. “Whether it’s helping a buyer find their dream home or providing a seller with top service, I always give it my all.” In his spare time, Austin enjoys hanging out with friends, playing pick-up-sports, and serving at his local church. “I’m excited to see real estate positively change my clients lives as well as my own!”


    The office location is: 

    2903 N. Aspen Dr. Suite A.

    Loveland, CO 80538


    Sentry Residential: Our mission is to honor and serve those who have served by making their home ownership dreams our first priority. We know that buying and selling real estate can feel like a battle. If you get knocked down, you need to trust that your team is there to help you stand. Though it may feel like you are under fire, when the pressure is high, we rise to the occasion...together. We know that the most daunting missions are overcome by the power of your team! At Sentry Residential, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, providing a victorious real estate experience.

    Austin can be reached at: 970-294-9329 or [email protected]

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