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    How Loveland Small Business Owners Can Make the Most of the Holiday Season

    For small businesses, the whole year has led up to this. It's estimated that nearly 20% of all annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and December 25th, so if you're not prepared, you could miss out on a significant amount of revenue. But don't worry – the Loveland Chamber of Commerce has got you covered. Here are some great tips to help you prepare your small business for a successful holiday season. 


    Work from the Outside In


    One of the best ways to attract holiday shoppers is to decorate your storefront. Put up some festive lights, hang a wreath on the door, and make sure your window displays are ready to go. Also, make sure you incorporate some of your own products in the design, for a little extra free advertising. If you have the budget, you might even consider hiring a professional decorator. Whatever you do, just make sure your store is looking its best because first impressions matter – especially during the holidays, when customers have a lot of different buying options to choose from.


    Bring in Adequate Staff for the Holidays


    The holidays are also a great time to hire some seasonal staff to help with the increased customer traffic. Whether you need extra salespeople, cashiers, or simply someone to help with stocking shelves, adding some extra hands will help make sure your customers have a positive experience – and are more likely to come back in the future. 


    However, it’s not just about the customers. Your workers need to feel like they’re appreciated as well. This is especially true when business picks up and things get a bit stressful and hectic. So take some time now and again to talk to each employee and let them know you’re glad to have them on board. That will help with employee retention and help everyone work together as a team.


    Update Your Advertising


    Now is also a good time to update your marketing strategy and take advantage of all the holiday-themed marketing opportunities that are available. From social media campaigns and email marketing blasts to print ads and local sponsorships, there are plenty of ways to reach your target audience during the holidays. Just make sure your marketing messages are on point and aligned with your brand identity.


    Another fantastic way to market your business during the holidays is to create a holiday gift guide. This is an especially effective tactic if you sell products that would make great gifts. You can easily create a gift guide in Word, then use this free tool to convert Doc to PDF. From there, it’s a simple matter to share your PDF gift guide across your social media channels and email lists. The best part? It's affordable – and it could result in a serious boost in sales.


    Make Sure You Have Enough Inventory


    Of course, one of the most important things you need to do before the holidays is make sure you have enough inventory on hand to meet the increased demand. No one wants to run out of stock, especially during what’s potentially the most lucrative sales period of the year, so do whatever it takes to avoid that scenario. This might mean placing larger orders with suppliers or stocking up on seasonal items well in advance. Whatever you do, just be sure you're prepared for an influx of holiday shoppers.


    As a small business owner, preparing for the holiday season can seem daunting – but it doesn't have to be. By following these simple tips, you can set your business up for success this holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


    Connect with and learn from other local business leaders by joining the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.


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